Welcome to Wilmington, North Carolina

So, we have settled in nicely to our new assignment and time, as usual, is flying by! How am I already more than a month into this contract!? I’ve got to be honest, I am kicking myself for not taking a beach assignment for the past 3 summers! We are enjoying the beach (expect it has been rainy the last few days).

Recently, we hitched a boat ride with Captain Joe and spend a few hours on Masonboro Island. So far, one of my favorite adventures here and definitely something we are going to do again before we leave! It is 9 miles of untouched island, absolutely stunning! We brought a picnic lunch and found some shark teeth!

It was not crowded at all, and you have complete freedom to explore anywhere on the island. Sea turtles come and lay their eggs here. From what I’ve read online, they start coming in July so I REALLY hope we are still here to see that!

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