Trip to North Carolina Battleship

I thought it would be fun to see our adventure through a different perspective so Ralia (our daughter who is 9 years old) wrote this post.

We went to the North Carolina Battleship and it Battleship was gigantic! We thought it would never end (in a good way). There was a tank that we could enter and go inside! Once inside, there were windows we saw where people could load and shoot big cannons! We saw where people would load bullets and where the shooters would receive them! In total there was five floors you could access. There were doors in the floor of the main deck that were locked but we exchanged ideas on what they were once used for.  There was also a fighter plane on the main deck! We also saw a memorial for all the soldier that were on the ship, it was very nice.

Down one deck, we could enter the kitchen and we saw where they made fresh ice cream and where they cooked food. It was under water and it was strangely slanted! There was a never-ending supply of lunch tables! We saw where the tailor would make clothes, where sick people went, where mail was given to soldiers, sports equipment and where people washed clothes. There were 18 beds in one room, they were hanging down from the ceiling by chains! We saw where the caption slept and the people on night watch sleep too! Down stairs there was where the bathrooms and showers were too.

You could go down one more floor and that’s where the mechanical stuff was. It was very hot down there so we didn’t stay down there too long.

On the upper decks, we saw where the caption sailed the ship and look-out soldiers would see out small holes. There was a lot of phones there! There were more upper decks that we could not access and a super long ladder that went to the very top of the ship. 

Off the ship, there was a really big gift shop and a place to buy food with tables to sit at. It gets very hot on the boat so we drank a lot of cold water and used our Frogg Togg.

We all really enjoyed the battleship and agreed we could go back and find new things to see because the ship was really big and it was a sight to remember!



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