Strawberry Picking

Today was a beautifully sunny day, so we decided to go to the farm and pick some strawberries! It’s getting toward the end of strawberry picking season so we were worried that there wouldn’t be any good  strawberries left but boy were we wrong! We had one of the best strawberry picking days ever. The strawberries were massive and plentiful. We ended up picking 3 big buckets full.

Now, you might be wondering what we are going to do with all these berries. We were wondering the same thing. Luckily the internet is full of creative recipes. We made some delicious strawberry lemonade. We even used freshly squeezed lemons.img_20180525_162614097

Then, Ralia made a strawberry cake. This was a recipe I invented several years ago.


She made an outline of strawberries and a big flower in the middle! She said it was fun decorating and icing it (not so fun cleaning up though).

We had another wonderful day in North Carolina!

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  1. Amazing! Looks fun, haven’t went strawberry picking in years but I think I might go this summer!


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