Ready For Football to Start

Yep, we are already talking about football and it’s only summer! We are HUGE football fans and it just so happens that my team won the Super Bowl last season so I am especially pumped to see what this season holds.

With several rainy days we decided to craft a football board. Each year, we usually see what teams are playing for the week and we all write down who we think the winner of each game will be. We decided to step it up this year.

Ralia, mom and I crafted a football board. At the top is our name with our favorite team and their helmet (Ralia did the names so I’m mom, my mom is Nana, and Salam is aabo). Then, we numbered 1-16 down each persons column, this represents each game (most weeks there won’t be 16 games because of bye weeks, etc). Then, we cut out and laminated each team (we did this 4 times so each person has every team). Now, when football starts we will go through each game and put our pick for the winner of each game next to the number under our name (they Velcro on).

The winner gets to put their annoying giant face we printed in the winners circle for the week and they also get to choose which restaurant we will dine at that week. Also, at the bottom are 1st-4th place medals. We will keep track of who has won more weeks by moving the medals (also Velcro). Finally, we laminated white pieces of paper so we could use dry erase markers to write how many picks we have gotten correct. So, not only will we know who won each week but at the end of season we can see how many games we each got correct throughout the season. This helps with bragging rights for the winner.

Yes, we had too much time on our hands but I’m excited to have a reusable board for many seasons to come! Now break out the pizza and wings and let’s play some football…in a couple months.



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