Chihuly at Night- Biltmore, Asheville North Carolina

On the first night of our Biltmore Birthday trip for mom, we decided to check out the Chihuly Glass art exhibits at night. We all had a wonderful time, well worth it! When we bought the ticket we were informed that the artist had created the exhibit to be viewed at dusk, not complete darkness. So, we decided to head over at dusk and see it as it was intended. There were a lot of displays throughout the Biltmore gardens and we also had access to some of the 1st floor of the home to see other displays.


It was the perfect time to go and we were even able to see the sun set over the mountains.


It had rained earlier in the evening but had stopped by the time we rode the shuttle over so we were thankful for that. As we were making our way through the garden, Ralia noticed a rainbow! She was so excited and said it was the best day of the vacation.


We took our time enjoying the exhibits and stopping to see the colors changing in the sky. We even saw several deer in the distance munching on the grass (they were too far away to get a good picture). If you are headed to Biltmore this year, the exhibit runs through October, go check it out!

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