Our Biltmore Trip

As you might have read previously, we took Mom to Biltmore in Asheville North Carolina for her birthday. Although it rained everyday we still had a good time and a couple rainbows to brighten up our day.


We had a great time walking around the beautiful house and reading all about the history.

After touring the house we stopped for a sweet treat of Vanderbilt chocolates.

In the evenings we would walk around the grounds of the hotel. They had a lot of farm animals, but Ralia loved the horses!


She was super excited (and a little nervous) because they let her hold a baby chick.


Of course there were some amazing Pokemon to catch on Pokemon Go while we were there as well 😆.

In Between the raindrops were able to get everything done that we had intended except the horse-drawn carriage ride that was cancelled due to a heavy storm. We loved staying on the property because we were able to ride the shuttle wherever we wanted to go around the property so we never had to drive once we got there. We were able to walk and see a blacksmith who was making a key chain that we were able to purchase, and a woodworker who was making homemade brooms like they would use back in the day when the Vanderbilts lived there.

Also by the hotel there was a train exhibit that we got to walk through and see a miniature moving train display.

Our hotel window was a perfect place to watch the sunset over the mountains.

Overall, it was a fun, relaxing vacation. We made wonderful memories!

Create your own memories on your Biltmore adventure:


*Please note, we are not affiliated nor get any compensation from any companies. We just have been pleased with our experience

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