Bellamy Mansion in Wilmington, North Carolina

We tried to enjoy the nice weather and tour the Bellamy Mansion and garden. We were able to eat fresh figs from the tree out front.


We enjoyed being able to walk through the house at our own pace. There was an app that played an audio tour you could follow through the house. Each time you went into a room, you could play that rooms audio tour. It allowed you to walk through at your own pace.


There was so much original furniture and upstairs was artwork for sale. The house looks so much bigger in the inside than from the outside, it was 4 floors. There was an attic that the kids lived in and an observatory. We enjoyed touring the beautiful home and learning more about Wilmington’s history!


Bellamy Mansion

*Please note, we are not affiliated nor get any compensation from any companies. We just have been pleased with our experience

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  1. Great post 🙂 thank you for sharing


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