Downtown Wilmington

We decided to go to downtown Wilmington and check things out. It was hot and it rained for a few minutes but we had a great time!


Across the river you can see the battleship. There also was a small farmers market set up right on the river, it was a great place to get local items.

We stopped and ate on a barge that was converted to a restaurant. There was a singer that played while we are. Ralia thought it was too loud but the rest of us enjoyed it. From there we walked along the river and enjoyed some shopping.

After that, we went on a river cruise. It provided some good history and fun facts about Wilmington but we all agreed we would try a different tour next time. There were signs for several companies offering boat tours, the one we chose was too crowded, with over 50 people on the boat we couldn’t even seat next to each other. It did rain while we were on the boat but it was covered so it didn’t interrupt the tour.

After we left the boat we headed back to the car but stopped and got ice cream first. We we’re all hot but agreed it was nice to be able to walk so close to the river. You can’t beat shopping with great views!

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