New Hanover Arboretum – Wilmington, NC

Ralia, mom and I went to the New Hanover Arboretum. It is free to get in, open from dawn to dusk everyday, and is a great place to get out and enjoy some beautiful plants and flowers.  There was a fountain before you enter and a pineapple shaped fountain once you get inside, some of the many great photo-op places.



There was a cute children’s garden area. Ralia had a lot of fun here, the mini house was too cute!

From there we went on to walk around and see so many plants and flowers. Then we came to a tea house. It was very serene, with water and 2 bridges. This was one of my favorite areas.

We ended our visit by seeing a large pond, a household garden and a vegetable garden. We loved the vegetable garden, I don’t know why but we loved going around and calling out all the fruit and vegetables that we saw growing. The sign said all the food grown is donated to a local food shelter. It was a hot day so we would like to go back on a cooler day so we can spend more time walking around and maybe even have a picnic.

New Hanover Arboretum

*Please note, we are not affiliated nor get any compensation from any companies. We just have been pleased with our experience

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  1. So beautiful in NorthCarolina Ladona. I really want to go back now. I love your website. It’s amazing beautiful and so sweet !!! :-)))


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