Our New Assignment!

Hi guys it`s Ralia and I’m going to tell you a little bit about our new assignment in … Hickory NC!!! It`s a wonderful contract and moms work is close by! We have a movie theater next door and we have been watching a lot of movies! (Well more than I ever have seen). We saw The Nutcracker and the Four Realms and it`s my new favorite movie! We also  watched the Grinch and it was great! And last (but not least) Wreck it Ralph Breaks the Internet, it was funny but I personally preferred the first movie.

I like the apartment because it’s where I got one of the best video games in my opinion, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. (and yes, the ultimate in the name pretty much describes the game.) It’s one of the games in the series of Super Smash Bros. I have a Nintendo switch because I’m a HUGE fan of anything Nintendo. Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a character(s) from every  game Nintendo has made! If you are a Nintendo fan you would like the game a lot and I highly recommend it!

It recently snowed here and I really was looking forward to the snow but it was not the kind of snow you would make a snowman with. I wasn’t upset because I had pretty scenery to look out at every minute. I loved to look at it, but mom had a really hard time getting home from work. It was 8 inches, me and nana went out to measure with a ruler. It was deep and wet and a little bit icy. Thanks for reading and we will be posting more of our adventures from Hickory soon!



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