Greensboro, North Carolina Arboretum

Hi guys it’s Ralia again! We decided to take a trip to the Greensboro arboretum! The perfect time to go is in spring because it has so many pretty trees and everything’s in blossom . We were so focused on just looking, that we didn’t take very many pictures. It’s pet friendly so a lot of people had their dogs which was fun to see. There was a nice little picnic spot for us and we had a very lovely picnic! It was a really beautiful day out, not too hot. Also, it’s paved walking paths with all the trees and plants marked. Mom and I had fun trying to pronounce some of the names of the trees.

It had a big it had wind chime in the middle and I thought it was very creative. There was also a playground. Lots of benches were around to stop and take breaks too. We definitely agreed we were going to go back and have more picnics! It is a great place to enjoy nature and best of all it’s free! 😀😁😃😄

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