Greensboro Science Center

Hi guys, Ralia here! We decided to take a trip to the Greensboro Science center! We went on a cold day so alot of the outside animals weren’t out. But, the inside of the center were amazing! There were two floors. When you walk in you are on the top floor which has beautiful underwater exhibits. We got to pet stingrays which I really enjoyed! We also got to see sharks, octopus, tons of penguins which had their names on their flipper! My favorites we’re Donna and Carl. Carl seemed to have the most interest in us😂 So we got a lot of pictures of him!

Then, there was a lot of fish and jelly fish! They also had some neat educational displays that talk about the importance of reducing plastic. They also had a really cool seahorse made of plastic.

Greensboro Science Center

*Please note, we are not affiliated nor get any compensation from any companies. We just have been pleased with our experience! 

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