World’s Largest Chest of Drawers – High Point, North Carolina

I accidentally took a wrong turn a few weeks back and stumbled upon this massive dresser on the side of the road. So naturally, we turned to the internet to find out what the heck it was.

Turns out, it is the world’s largest chest of drawers! It’s a quirky road side attraction. High Point was known as the furniture capital of the world, so I believe that’s how the giant 32 foot dresser was born.

We went back to get some pictures this morning. It’s sitting on the side of a one-way street, kind of in an odd location actually. But, I guess that adds to the quirkiness! It is right between two houses and there is no parking. So, you snap pictures as you drive by or pull off on a side road and walk back. We decided to just go by slow and snap some photos.

We found out that it has been sold several times and repainted too gray color instead of the original wood look. Ralia loved the giant socks hanging out, she thought that was funny! 😁

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  1. Wow I love it!😀😁 The socks are funny!😀


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