High Point Museum

Hey, it’s Ralia! Today we visited the High point museum! It looked small, but it was not! It was a good size, we walked around for about an hour. I loved every area and I didn’t have a favorite; they we’re all amazing!πŸ˜€

I love history alot and it’s my favorite school subject! I really enjoyed the history, there was a lot of cool artifacts too! There was even a huge untoched wagon! It looked brand new, it was so cool and there was even a board telling stories and history!

There was even another wagon this one was a little more recent than the wooden one!

There was even a krispy cream donut menu, the prices and the names were showed with this board! The clothing was different from now, but I still loved it!

There was even a “Throne” that they could give Miss High Point! It was huge, it showed a picture of one Miss High Point, she got to dress fancy!

They even had a miniature display of different styles of houses! I loved the fancier ones!

They even had a mini bus, I got in it! You could “Turn it on” aka the lights turned on! You could open and close the window, you could move the pedals back and forth, move the driver’s wheel, and turn different lights. I really loved it! πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒ

They had other parts, like the factory parts and how they made furniture! I would recommend to go there, it is a charming, lovely place!! I really loved it, we went in there when they only had about an hour and 30 minutes and it would close, I hope we get to go there again when we have more time to check it out!

It has a lot of history with many amazing stories! It had alot of history, they had outdoors with old historic houses, and they had woman that would dress in old clothes and they would sit outside and use the spindle. But, those events only happen on the weekends. I hope someday, you’ll get to visit!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

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