Vacation day!

Hi it’s Ralia, yesterday we traveled to Myrtle Beach for a relaxing vacation! I love it here! I get to swim in the pools of our hotel, also wade in the ocean!😁 Mom said I was here before when I was little, unfortunately I don’t remember it. When mom realized I didn’t remember it, she said we should go to make new memories!

This has been a great vacation, I really enjoyed this hotel. They have a “Lazy River” it’s a pool with water in a circle, with rafts to float around, when your in it, it feels relaxing! They also have 3 hammocks, a playground, pool bar, and food truck! They also have a pool floor where they have 2 indoor pools, 2 indoor hot tubs, 2 outdoor pools, a Kidde pool, 2 Lazy outdoor River, 2 indoor Lazy rivers! They also have direct access to the beach, we are staying at Hampton Inn! We have a ocean view, it is positively amazing!

We didn’t see any dolphins, we tried morning, afternoon, evening, we never saw them though. We found a bunch of cool shells, we saw a dead fish, dead jelly fish, dead crab, and ducks walking around. Also we saw seagulls, and many more ocean creatures!😁🌊

I love Myrtle Beach! I hope we can come back often!😁 We have a sand blanket, it makes it easier to sit down! I also like to splash and run in the water! It is going to storm today, the waves were SUPER rough; they kept knocking me over and my family had to come a rescue me! It was overall the best beach vacation ever! Even mom loved it!😁 We will be back someday, you should visit soon! There are alot of attractions here, if you have been here or have any questions, please leave a comment below😁



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  1. Ah, Myrtle Beach! Been there many, many times in the past. Nice to see some pictures of it again. Definitely lots to do there!

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