Hello, it’s Ralia! As you all know, I was SUPER thrilled to see my Bff! ๐Ÿ˜ But.. this Vacation was super fun too! It was my Nana’s birthday, so we decided to do a fun birthday surprise.

We told her we were staying home. But, secretly… we were planning a nice trip! We were deciding where to go and finally after looking for a little while, mom finally found it! ๐Ÿ˜ She found a nice cabin, it was not in Gatlinburg, but it was in Asheville NC, it was Gatlinburg’s competitor.

It was really big with 4 stories and it had a hot tub, and 2 big tubs. It was pretty and had an amazing view. It even had a Coca Cola themed floor, that’s where we had the birthday party at! They had a lot of board games and puzzle. It was a very nice cabin, and it was a beautiful view too! They even had a game floor, with a sectional couch. It also had a pool table, and it was nice because the hot tub was right on the deck! It was wonderful, and I would LOVE to go back!


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