Our crazy adventure

Hello mom and I decided to do a post together.We would like to share our adventure with you!

We found the apartment we wanted for mom’s next assignment in the mid west,however.. on our way to the apartment, we were informed that it would not be ready until August 12th. Dang. This threw a snag in to our plans as we were already on the road to the apartment. We decided to turn this adventure around and make a stop for a few days to have some fun!

We ended up in Lafayette, IN. Our hotel is beautiful, it’s only been open a month! Right across from the hotel is a putt putt putt golf course. Even though the heat has been unbearable, we ventured out in the evening to play a round of golf. We had a blast. I (Ralia) was the only to get a hole in one!! But, I still ended up getting last place 😒. There was a lot of water hazards and they had nets to fish out your ball, it was super fun!!

We head out to our next hotel tomorrow!

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