King the Rhino’s Birthday

Hello, It’s Ralia. We have been busy, family was visiting! I have a couple posts to post out, and I will break them up. So, we had an amazing moment that we will most likely not see again! We were walking through the Brookfield zoo in Chicago, when we saw zoo keepers hauling out something. Mom and Nana teased it was a cake but, when we got closer, we found out it was a birthday cake! It was a rhino named King’s 6th birthday! His birthday was the day before we went, but his party was 2 days ago (that’s when we went to the zoo). We watched them bring the cake out. The zoo keepers said the cake was made of ice, and it had peanut butter frosting, grass, sweet potatoes cut into little rhinos, bread or his name, and a big 6 made out of a water melon on top. We kind of hung around as they let him out. He slowly walked out and he didn’t know the cake was there. He finally walked up to it, and took his tounge and ate a sweet potato rhino. He slowly ate the cake, he was so sweet! I will post another post about the zoo probably tommorow maybe the day after. Thanks for reading!

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