Brookfield Zoo Chicago Illinois

We went to Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois. It is a really large zoo. The animals seem to have really good size enclosures. Of all the zoos we’ve been to we always stay here the longest. Our favorite part of the zoo was the dolphin show. Not many zoos have dolphins so it’s a special treat to see the dolphins. They had a butterfly encounter, Giraffe feeding, Pony Rides, Carousel, And Limited time Lego Exhibit. We didn’t pay the extra to go to the petting/Kid zoo area. But,we went many years ago when Ralia was small and we had a good time. It is great for smaller kids. We also had a unique experience, we saw King the rhino’s 6th birthday! 

They have lots of restaurants and snack carts all throughout the zoo. So we really just took out time stopping to get some snacks here and there. The zoo is open all year round, So many of the enclosures are indoors. So, If you are in the Chicago area in the winter, You can still check the zoo out. Unfortunately, they don’t take other zoo memberships so you have to pay full price. It can be a bit pricey, but we thought it was worth it. It was worth the trip, we are hoping to on go one more time while we’re here!



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