Starved Rock Park in Utica, Illinois

We have been doing a lot of hiking during this assignment. Starved Rock Park  is a huge park full of hiking trails. They have easy trails and some really tough ones! On one trail, we had to cross water by walking across a fallen tree! It is full of beautiful sandstone canyons and waterfalls. In the winter when the waterfalls freeze, climbers come out to ice climb the waterfalls! While we didn’t do any climbing, we did enjoy hiking.


Eagles also come to this area to build nests and hatch their eggs. We have really enjoyed eagle watching! We go out several times a week just to see the eagles, they are so beautiful! The last weekend in January, the park hosts eagle watching trips. We won’t be here at that time, so we have taken advantage of just going to the park and watching them. As it gets colder, we have noticed more eagles around. We even see them flying over the road as we are driving or sitting out in the empty corn fields around the town. We definitely recommend visiting Starved Rock, especially around December-January when the Eagles are here!

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  1. Eagles are so amazing. That’s so special that you got to see so many.


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