Winter in the Midwest

We are headed to our new location next week and we have been pretty lucky with the weather here in the Midwest so far. We have had some snow but it is usually melted by the next day. However, it looks like a nice little storm is moving in tonight.

We were really hoping to get out of here and head back to sunny North Carolina before a storm like this came. I guess we pushed our luck by a few days! I am from Upstate New York so a few inches of snow is a joke but, one of the perks of traveling is being able to go where ever you want. If you want to avoid the snow, you can. For some reason, after a year or two of no snow I seem to get this idea in my head that one winter of snow will be alright and it will be pretty…blah blah blah! That lasts until the first snow flies and then I remember why I don’t care for the snow or cold winters. Not being able to feel your fingers after pumping gas, walking like a penguin to and from the car so you don’t slip, the mud and dirt in the car, at the door and on the car, and the lack of things to do (we don’t ski or really do any winter type activities).

So, here I am complaining about my decision to take a contract in the Midwest during winter 🙂

However, we did get some nice pictures and it was Ralia’s first time playing in the snow on Halloween! I hope you enjoy a few of our snowy pictures but know I was behind the camera complaining the entire time..haha.

Don’t be fooled by the beauty, I’d rather be at the beach!
Is it Halloween or winter….both if you were in the Midwest. We built a snowman on Halloween!
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  1. Beautiful Ladona. We will miss you in Illinois. I am sure you are always welcome back here and that’s a blessing. Your pictures are amazing. I am now going to look at the Wilmington pictures :-)))

    Lorie Ann Lukcevic RRT


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