Starved Rock Visitor Center in Utica, Illinois

The Starved Rock Visitor Center is a really neat place to check out on your way to or from hiking. There is a lot of interesting information about the area, wildlife, and park. They have several native (stuffed) animals on display, a big fish tank with live fish, and a really cool display you can walk around and learn about the history of the park. They also have bathrooms and a small cafe where you can buy snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. Salam loves their fudge! In the summer, you can grab some snacks/ice cream and go outside and sit on the patio where they have lots of tables and chairs or go down to the water and sit on benches while you watch the birds fly over the dam.

This is from one of the scenes at the historical display.
The expression on the Coyote’s face is priceless
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