Buffalo Rock State Park

We actually found Buffalo Rock State Park while out driving around one day. The road leading into the park has large rock formations on one side and leads you up a pretty steep hill where it opens up into the park. There is a small playground that overlooks the river, a shelter area with picnic tables, and a sculpture trail. But, the thing that surprised us was the real buffalo! We drove through the park looking around and when we came to the buffalo we all just quietly looked at them until I was like wait, they are real, I just saw it move!! We got all excited and made our way over and sure enough, there were two buffalo behind a fence. It was hard to get a good picture of them because the fence was so tall I had to take a picture through the fence.

We thought that it was pretty cool that Buffalo Park has actual real buffalo. The park itself is kind of off the beaten path so you either have to know about it or find it by accident like we did. If you are in the area going to Starved Rock, you should make the drive over to see the buffalo and maybe have lunch overlooking the river, it’s less than a 10 minute drive.

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