Perks of Working Night Shift

It seems like I’ve been working a lot lately so we haven’t gone out much the last few days. For this assignment, once again I’m working night shift. I’ve worked both days and nights over the last 5 years and I think they both have pros and cons. Most people are probably wondering what could possibly be good about working nights? If you’ve never worked night shift, you might not understand, but for my fellow night shifters, you will know what I mean! Here are some of my favorite things about working nights:

  • The night shift atmosphere is so much more laid back and calm then days (usually).
  • Night Shift folks tend to stick together and have each other’s backs.
  • If you work in the hospital, there usually aren’t as many visitors in the rooms so it’s easier to move around and access your equipment.
  • You get to see your family before and after work.
  • Someone always brings food or snacks… We eat good on nights 😁
  • It’s easy to make personal appointments before work, you don’t always need your schedule in front of you.
  • You have a legitimate excuse as to why you are always tired.
  • Finally, my personal favorite, night shifters usually see both sunrises and sunsets!
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