Wildlife at Home

We’ve been seeing so much wildlife lately then we have in months! Just today, we saw 4 different animal types outside in the pond. It might be due to the early spring weather we are having here, it was 76 degrees (Fahrenheit) today.

When we first got to North Carolina, we were completely shocked at how warm it was in January. It was so strange to see no snow after being in the Chicago area for a few months.

Just today, we saw a large bird (possibly a crane or heron) that fly in and walked around the edge of the pond for awhile.

Then, we saw a group smaller birds (we aren’t sure which kind they are) fly in shortly before the big bird came. As we were taking pictures of the smaller white birds, we noticed one of the turtles out enjoying the sun (at the top of the image below).

Finally, we had some geese come out to go for a swim in the pond. They have been here most of the day.

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