Greenfield Park Wilmington NC

We started to check out a new park in town, we drove by and it looked really nice. It has a paved trail around water with lots of benches to take a break! We finally went to check it out today, we only walked 1.5 miles, but if you walk the whole path from the beginning it’s 4.5 miles total. Even though we don’t own bikes, we saw a lot of bikers riding around the trail. As far as we can see it’s a pretty paved and even.

It had beautiful flower bushes. They were bright and smelled sweet!

One of the many flower bushes along the trail.

They also have a fragrance garden, it has lots of sweet smelling flowers, a water fountain, and gazebo.

There’s a crazy number of turtles in the water, we have a picture, but it was hard to get pictures.

The highlight of our nice hike was when we kept seeing alligators in the lake. That might not seem very exciting, but we have never seen them in the wild. We kind of joked about hoping to see one in the distance, because we didn’t want to become a gators lunch😂 We were heading back to the car just about to finish our walk, when we noticed a small alligator in the water but pretty close to the bank. We were glad it was a small one, and it was a perfect distance. We didn’t want to bother it, we just wanted to get a picture and leave it alone.

It was a nice day out, so we had a very nice hike. Be sure to check out Greenfield Park if you are int he Wilmington, NC area.

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  1. Will definitely be checking that out when I go back to Wilmington!

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