Pelican Snoball

One of our favorite things about Wilmington is the local snowcone stand, Pelican’s Snoballs! We went there on my last assignment in Wilmington. Ralia loves the snow cones, and they’re a great summer treat. It’s just a small walk up stand, but their snow cones are good.

Yesterday, we went to the snow cone stand. I got the sugar free lemonade shaved ice, Salam got the sugar free cherry, and Ralia got half Pineapple half Mango. Even though Pelican’s forgot to put the lemonade flavored syurp in my snow cone, the plain shaved ice was was the best flavorless shaved ice I’d ever had😂

This was Ralia’s Pineapple-Mango mix.
Here was Salam’s sugar-free cherry.
Here was my flavorless cup of ice😂
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