Meet the New Addition to the Family, Coral

As you know, as of next month we will be full time RV’ers, so obviously we needed an RV. We’ve already purchased the RV and we are just waiting for the finishing touches to be added and then we’re all set. This RV is a travel trailer STT343VBH, it has 1 and a half bathrooms, two bedrooms rooms with a total of 6 beds, and an outdoor kitchen. Here are some images!

The bottom bed is a couch,with storage underneath the couch. It comes with a table, and a built in spot for the table to go. The top bunk folds up so you could sit on the couch.
This is the left view of the same room, with two bunks and storage underneath.
This is a picture of the master bedroom, it has a king bed, with a fireplace, and closets.
This is the living area, it has a TV, chairs, a kitchen, and dining tables that turn into a bed.
This is the kind of a layout plan for Coral!

We couldn’t agree about painting it, so we made a deal that Ralia and I will upholster the cushions, and change the curtains. Then we will wait for about a year and then we can decide if we should paint the insidešŸ˜„

The outdoor kitchen has a 50 inch TV, radio, sink, grill, and mini refrigerator. We’re all so excited about this RV!

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