Fixing it Up

We are fixing Coral up, trying to make her feel more like home, and work a little more for us.

We have been going over and spending a few hours on my days off working on things. The first thing we did was take the window valances off. I really didn’t like them because it made it feel smaller and generic. I wanted to hang curtains to bring some color in. We bought fabric and made the curtains ourselves so they feel special to us. Ralia and I decided blue/white would be our color scheme. We wanted to stay with a beachy feeling (that’s why we named her Coral).

After the curtains we up we were super excited. It looked so nice. We decided to take out the booth/table. It was bulky and not very comfortable. It did turn into a bed but it was a small bed that didn’t look comfortable either. Salam took the whole thing down pretty quickly. It gave us back so much space. We couldn’t believe it! We will be adding a table and bench back this week but it will be blue and white and hopefully more comfortable. If we measured right, we will also be adding a washer/dryer to that space! We will keep you updated with pictures along the way.

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