1st night of camping

We officially started our full time RV adventure! We spent our two nights at a campground in West Virginia. We had a hard time find campgrounds that were open. Even though I am an essential worker, they can only rent on a 2 or 4 week basis. We only needed a night to stay over as we make our way to Chicago. It took us 10 hours to get from Wilmington to this campground in West Virginia.

We stayed at Blue Heron Landing Campground in Cottageville, WV. It is very relaxing and quiet here. The owners are super friendly. They came and put a fire ring down, chopped us wood and built our fire for us! This used to be a Hayfield they ran but they turned it into a campground. They have 12 kayaks that they rent out for $20 for the day or $10 for kids. We wished we could have tried it out while we were here but those types of activities are not allowed during the stay-at-home order.

So, far, we have been having a great time. We are learning a lot!

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