Our Water Nightmare

We noticed our water had a metallic smell despite us having a filter attached to it. So, we upgraded the filter to a larger one that filtered more toxins. It worked great for the first 5 days but then we started smelling the metallic smell again. We were not using our water to drink or cook with but I was still concerned because we took showers with it. So, we decided today to buy a complete water filtration and softener device. It was expensive, but we hope it does the trick. We installed it today and the smell has gone away. Hopefully, it stays away permanently! We got pH strips and did a little experiment.

The strip on the right is straight from the pipe with no filtration. It registered at extremely hard. The middle one is with our second filtration system, it registered as hard. Finally, the left strip is with our new softener device and it registered as 0! We were so excited!

These filters are supposed to last 3-6 months. Look at what ours looked like after just 10 days compared to a brand new one! 😬🤯The pipes must be very rusty here.
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