A Quick Trip to Disney World (Lots of Pictures)

From Nashville, we took the RV down to Florida and became Florida residents! We went to Disney Springs one evening. They do temperature screenings before entering and masks must be worn when not eating/drinking. They also ask that you eat/drink in designated areas so you aren’t walking around without a mask on. We opted to not eat/drink there because we weren’t comfortable taking our masks off, but we did get some yummy to-go food from Chicken Guy. 

After that we booked a 1 night stay at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. We’ve visited several times but never stayed. It was so nice! It felt like we had the place to ourselves. We went out for a walk around 8pm and we were the only people out that we could see! A lot of the restaurants at the resorts are still not open so food choices are slim.

Beach Club is right across from Boardwalk Inn!

Ralia and I love to pin trade so we had a lot of fun pin trading and hotel hopping! Pin trading is limited and is a but different now. You point to the pin you want and a cast member removes it from the board (pin trading is only done at boards for now) and sets it on the counter. Our pin went into a bucket to be sanitized before being put back on the pin board.

We made a quick trip to Magic Kingdom the day we were there. Temperature screenings are done there as well and the same mask policy is in effect as Disney Springs. Again, many shops on Main Street were not open and several restaurants were closed. But, we still had a lot of fun and went on nearly every ride with no waiting! I’ve never been in Space Mountain as a walk on, but was incredible! Staff was out sanitizing things all day, including light poles that people may have touched when they walked by.

We also got to ride the Skyliner for the first time. It was so much fun! We were surprised at how fast it went and we got such a nice breeze! We rode them at during the day and after dark to compare. During the day, it doesnt matter if you get one that has characters or a plain one, you can see out of them equally. However, at night we noticed that the skyliners with character wraps on them were hard to see out and nearly impossible to get pictures without interference from the wrap. So, we actually tried to get plain ones at night so we could see the lights and resorts as we soared over them.

The Skyliner goes to the Disney’s newest hotel, Riviera. So, we went there to check it out. We saw the most people there, but it was so nice! They have 2 pools, one that has a water fountain that lights up and fills a bucket that dumps down. They have some beautiful seating areas as well. We can’t wait to stay there!

While it’s a different experience visiting Disney with a mask, we still had fun and felt safe. People were adhering to the mask policy well. We only saw one person take there mask off and a cast member immediately asked the person to step back and asked the guest to put their mask back on.

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