NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas

Before we evacuated from the storms, we were able to go check out the NASA Space center in Houston,  Texas. This was one of Salam’s favorite things we’ve ever done (he was like a little kid, so giddy and excited 😁 ).

Some parts were closed due to the virus but most of it was open for us to check out. We spent close to 3 hours there! There were so many cool things to look at and interesting  facts to read about. They also had a short 15 minute film about NASA and their beginning. 

One of Salam’s favorite parts was a display showing damage that certain things have caused in space. He was shocked that in space, plastic could easily slice through metal!

We also got to go on a short tram ride to check out a space rocket booster that was never put into service due to funding issues. It was so huge! We were able to get right up to it and it was amazing at how massive it was!

They also have a gift shop that sells lots of cool NASA themed items. We all agreed  that we really enjoyed going and it was well worth the cost of admission!

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