RV Reno

We went to Indiana to see my mom before winter came. While we were there, we decided to surprise Ralia and redo her bunkhouse. her birthday is coming up this month so we thought it would be an early birthday surprise for her. I wanted her to have a room that she really loves, she’s almost a teenager so I also wanted something more sophisticated and less childish.

Salam and I had a lot of fun with this. We left the pull out couch and put her mattress on top of it. In the future, we plan on building a platform bedframe and removing the couch. We also removed one bunk from above the couch to give her more room on her bed.

We added wall sticker art and lots of string lights. Also, some curtains were added to the window and around her bed. One of the fun touches we did was to out doors in front of the bottom bunk. she really likes indigo blue so I painted the doors indigo blue with chalk paint so she can write on the doors and behind the doors I created a spy shack. I hung tiny string lights and put lots of body pillows and soft things in there for her so she can read and just relax in there behind the doors.

Inside the spy shack
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