We Finally Got a Pet

We finally did! Ralia has been talking about a pet for a really long time, and we finally decided the time was right. So, meet Gypsy our new ragdoll kitten!

She is laid back and fits right into our family. She has taken to Ralia; she literally follows her everywhere! But, the smile on Ralia’s face says she doesn’t mind being followed 😉

We are just starting leash training with her and she has learned to sit when asked. So, she’s super smart and so fun to have around!

On our way home from picking her up. She rides really well in the car.
How could we resist this face 😍

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  1. Gypsy is gorgeous and what a perfect name!

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    • Thank you so much Robin 💜. We discussed names for days and we were in the car headed to the next place and I was like Gypsy! That’s it! LoL That sums us up pretty well 🤣


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