Surprise Visitor

We were going out to run some errands and we came around the from the rv and found a visitor. It was a very long snake. We tried to get it away from the rv, but it had other plans😂. It slithered up our stabilizers, wrapped around our axel and hid between the tires before we finally chased it off.

We spent about an hour getting it away from the rv! Our rv park is across from the black river so we’re sure it came from there, but we weren’t sure exactly what kind of snake it was. So we asked some of the locals, and they told us it looked like a garter snake, also known as a chaser snake because they like to chase people! Lucky, it did not chase us, but it tried to strike at us multiple times.

We plan on leaving here in a couple weeks so hopefully we don’t have any more surprise visits!

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  1. Yikes! Safe travels in a couple weeks!

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  2. Oh My Goodness! That’s a very unwelcome houseguest!

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