Moore’s Creek National Battlefield in Currie, NC

Today we went to Moore’s Creek National Battlefield, which is a state park in Currie, NC. It’s free to get in and has a Junior Ranger program. They have an optional 10-minute video upon entering the visitor center about the battle between the Patriots and the Loyalists. My family and I are obsessed with learning about history, and found the video fun to watch! It also went by very quick.

They have a chronological time line that you can walk through the visitor center and read, they also have artifacts on display. It was nice to be in the air conditioner and learn about the park before we headed out in the heat.

Outside, they had restrooms and several walking trails. The trails were a hard mulch material so it was easy to walk on at the same time preserving history. They had a lot of good, informational signs along the way as well as several memorials for the fallen men.

One thing we found interesting were the earthworks. We’ve never seen these preserved at other parks. Back in 1776 these were 5 feet tall to protect from attacks. Over time, they have shrunk down but are still a visble reminder of where the patriots set up camp.

We crossed 2 bridges, and seen some wildlife. It was a really pretty, peaceful park. And we recommend stopping in if you’re not too far away!

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  1. I’ve been there! Very interesting history to that place. Not a whole lot to see, but it was just nice to be there and visualize what happened in that place way back then.

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