Sebastian Inlet State Park in South Florida

We are just getting settled into our new location and I’ve begun my new assignment. We are in Southern Florida and there are so many beautiful parks here. We decided to go to the closest one first, which was Sebastian Inlet State Park. It costs $2 per person to get in and it covers either entrance. So, if you go in one entrance, you can leave and go to the other one and just show your receipt and you won’t have to pay an 2nd entry fee.

It was so beautiful, pictures can’t do it justice! It was so pretty to see where the ocean meets the Indian River. There’s a lot to do as well. You can walk the beach and swim in the Ocean or river, swim in the tide pool, boat, fish from the pier, or camp.

We drove through the campground and it looked very nice. However, it is mostly for smaller RVs as a lot of sites and short. But, several sites back up to an amazing water view.

There are lots of benches and picnic tables to sit and relax along the river. It is definitely a park worth checking out if you are in the area. There’s lots of wildlife to see as well!

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  1. Gorgeous! So glad you are in such a beautiful place!


  2. Looks like a beautiful place, how far is it from Jacksonville?


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