Travel Games

Obviously we travel a lot! So, we have found some things that keep us entertained while we are in the car and thought we would pass them along!


These are original, made-up jokes. We find it entertaining to make up silly jokes. If these jokes already exists somewhere, it’s a coincidence and not our intention of stealing others materials! We will be adding more jokes soon, so check back often!

You can write/print these jokes out and have the others in the car pull one out of a hat to read to everyone. It takes up time and just might get a few chuckles.

  • What do ducks eat at the Mexican restaurant?
    • Chips and Quack-amole
  • Why did one cow pass the other?
    • Because he was moooving too slow
  • Why did the plant change his shirt?
    • It was soiled
  • What did one cup say to the other cup that kept staring at him?
    • Water you looking at?
  • Why did the mobile device get arrested for writing a bad check?
    • It was phone-y
  • What did the hammer say when he got an A on his test?
    • Nailed it!
  • What is the ocean’s favorite sandwich?
    • Peanut butter and Shelly
  • Why did the tool box throw his drawing away?
    • It screwed up
  • How does a baby sheep drink her milk?
    • In a Bah-Bah
  • Why was the house loud when it caught ablaze?
    • It was fired up
  • Why is your bottom half tired after a long flight?
    • Jet Leg
  • How does a bell dry their clothes?
    • It just rings out the water
  • What happens when a roller skate breaks down?
    • It calls a toe truck


Click the link below to print State Bingo cards. This is fun to play when you are traveling. You can use highlighters, crayons or get a clipboard and a real bingo dauber!



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